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Photographing a wedding at Mosborough Hall Hotel- Sheffield

Last month, I had the opportunity to photograph at one of Sheffield’s infamous wedding venues: Mosborough Hall. It’s one of the most traditional wedding venues I have had the pleasure of photographing.

Both the bridal suite and the honeymoon suite are located away from the main bar/ceremony area, allowing me ample opportunities to explore the venue thoroughly and find the inspiration I needed to capture amazing photographs.

The ceremony itself took place in a completely separate building, almost like a barn-type, standalone venue. It boasts a great outdoor area in between, with all the backdrops one could dream of to capture more traditional shots.

After the ceremony, there’s a courtyard area with the best lighting vibes imaginable, perfect for capturing natural, candid shots.

Moving into the main room, which is just behind a curtain where the ceremony was held, leaves that exposed brick feel to half of the main evening venue images.

A tall dance floor with a giant disco ball hanging above it provided the perfect setting for images of the first dance and cake cutting.

Prior to my planning and research, I had thought it would be a pretty “standard” venue, but I was blown away by how it looked and how the images turned out. The friendly staff, great food, and the fact that the amazing couple, Donna & Lee, entrusted me with 100% of the planning of their wedding photography made the experience even more rewarding.

Congratulations Donna & Lee. It was my pleasure working with both of you and thoroughly planning your day. Thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography.

Dan x

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