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Hi, I’m Dan, a wedding photographer based in Nottinghamshire. Having just relocated from South Yorkshire and lived there for the last 20 years, I have decided to move back to my roots.


My photography journey started in Nottinghamshire way back in 2001 when I first got a point-and-shoot digital camera. My main focus was to use this as a tool to document me and my friends’ travels all over the world on a piece of wood with four wheels. Not only did I take photographs, but I also filmed said skateboarding trips, resulting in some amazing memories.


Having gotten older and wiser (my body doesn’t move like it used to), I started to take what I had learned into the mountains, capturing amazing landscapes and documenting wild camping trips. This was way more relaxed and easy to photograph.


Then, in 2017, my mum asked me to take a few photographs at her wedding. I think in the back of my mind, I had been waiting for an opportunity like this, so I jumped at the chance. Once the day was over and the images had been sent off, I decided to take wedding photography on full time. And here we are now.


I love my job. 

Photographer adjusting settings on their camera while previewing wedding photos on the screen
Professional wedding photographer in action, carefully analyzing and critiquing images on their camera's screen to ensure client satisfaction


I have always enjoyed a wedding - who doesn't? The chit-chat amongst family and friends, the excuse to get dressed up, the excitement leading up to the day and of course, the most important part - watching two people make a commitment to one another. 

Being a part of someone's wedding day is such a special job for me. One chance to get that shot, memories forever. I love what I do because I get to capture those moments and it always feels like such an honour to be chosen to do that for each and every one of my couples.


Behind-the-scenes glimpse of a wedding photographer adjusting camera settings before capturing moments at Kenwood Hall
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