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Here goes nothing.

I'm thrilled to announce that I've at last given my wedding photography its own dedicated space, breaking away from my previous website. With this exciting step, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and initiate the blog with a splash of professionalism.

I'm Dan, a seasoned wedding photographer based in Sheffield, UK. Six years in the industry have enriched my passion for this art, and I find myself more enthusiastic than ever before.

A sincere note of gratitude to the remarkable couples who've entrusted me with their precious moments over these past six years. Your confidence in my work is the reason I'm writing this today. To those who've already secured their spots for the years ahead, I look forward to capturing the magic you're planning to create.

Should you be perusing this and seeking additional information, feel free to reach out. I'm dedicated to ensuring your wedding day flows seamlessly. Likewise, if you're an aspiring photographer considering the realm of wedding photography, I encourage you to connect with me. The future might hold some intriguing opportunities, and I'm more than willing to offer my insights and assistance.

speak soon

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